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We are the creators of the Inexpensive and powerful "Digital Bingo Machine" that also prints bingo cards!

"Incredible Bingo Action"(TM)

Our Products!

Not a useless download!
When you purchase a Digital Bingo Machine user license, you receive a real license Cd in the mail. You can load the software on all of your own computers whenever you wish. 


Print your own bingo paper!

















Our inexpensive Digital Bingo Machine replaces the very expensive older electric/mechanical table top and console bingo machines. There are no switches, light bulbs , motors or wires to burn out. Our software runs on any IBMstyle pc computer with Windows 2000 and up. Our application self installs on your computer. We especially like to use it with laptops or tablet computers because of the ease of attaching a CRT monitor for your bingo players to see. Touch screen tablets are great, because the caller can use our easy touch screen buttons. Screen projectors connected to laptops are widely used by schools, and bingo centers .   

The Standard DBM prints thousands of bingo cards, and it costs only $29 on our on-line store! 

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Digital Bingo Machine!

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This is a screen shot of the latest upgrade of the Digital Bingo Machine "Platinum" Version!  

The "Platinum" version is loaded with features. It has a timer, auto ball count, game number count, custom Dab Ticket Printing, Quick Draw on board, built in verifier, printing for 27,000 bingo card faces in 2 on, 4 on, and 6 on formats, and you can personally program multiple game sessions. It comes with our proven and tested Random Number Generator OR you can use our Manual Version of the Platinum which works in conjunction with a bingo ball blower, wire cage with balls, or bingo card deck.

Our "Digital Bingo Machine" is built for bingo games in bingo halls, clubs and schools, family travel and vacationing, senior centers, work safety bingo, party bingo, neighborhood events, etc.

Our "Digital Bingo Machine" standard version now prints up to 9,000 paper cards, 4 or 6 cards per sheet.

The "Digital Bingo Machine" Deluxe Version now prints (27,000 cards), 3 complete series of 9,000 different cards each. They print out on 2 or 4 or 6 cards per sheet! (Perfect for large bingo games!) Laser printers crank out the cards fast!

Enclose the sheets of cards in Mylar enclosures, or laminate them for repeated use!

When you need more cards for any reason, just print them on your own desk top printer!

Our "Digital Bingo Machine" is great for home bingo, but powerful enough to run a professional bingo game in a large hall. It is perfect for schools and classrooms, and it works well in senior centers and clubs.


In addition to the "Digital Bingo Machine" for bingo halls, clubs, and schools, we have a new product called the $19.00 toy-like"Multimedia Talking Digital Bingo Machine". It sells for only $19.00, and has been created for home bingo play, and for bingo players who enjoy toy-like products for bingo. It calls the bingo numbers via a random number generator with a bingo caller's voice, prints 9000 bingo cards, and verifies the wins with it's built in verifier. This product is not to be confused with our other versions of the Digital Bingo Machine which are used to operate bingo games in clubs, schools, community and senior centers and bingo halls.

One welcome feature of the "Digital Bingo Machine" is the random number generator. A random number generator is dependable, absolutely secure, and is not subject to tampering as are the traditional crackable plastic ping pong style bingo balls which are forced out of a tube by a vacuum cleaner motor.

There is absolutely no way for anyone to access the code that drives the "Digital Bingo Machine" run time software's random number generator!  

Many Law enforcement officers who are educated and aware of advanced technology usually support this feature. Many who do not understand how software works have difficulty accepting digital products.

If you are not allowed to use the random number generator in your community or your state, you can still use the Manual Version of the "Digital Bingo Machine" which is designed for use with bingo ball blowers, wire cages or bingo card decks, giving you a wonderful image on your large Plasma or Liquid Crystal Display. It has odd/even number mark, wild number mark, timer, and built in verifier. And, it prints bingo cards!

For commercial bingo halls or just for fun bingo games at school and at home, the "Digital Bingo Machine" is the perfect economical solution. A low cost laptop and a $29 "Digital Bingo Machine" with it's built in verifier can completely replace a $4,000 bingo blower. A used $50 CRT monitor makes a great flashboard.

And if you need a larger flashboard, a high tech state of the art svga equipped $2,500 plasma or liquid crystal display is a logical replacement for the older $2,500-$3,000 tin box bingo flashboards full of light bulbs that frequently burn out and wiring technology from the 1950's.

Schools, Clubs and Senior centers are using the "Digital Bingo Machine" to run their bingo activities. Our "Digital Bingo Machine" is being used in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Alabama, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisianna, Virginia, Kentucky, Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Texas, Utah, Tennessee, the UK, Canada, and Guatemala. This product is really catching on! "Digital Bingo" is the future of bingo!

One elementary school in Washington State recently used the "Digital Bingo Machine" on a Laptop connected to a Screen Projector. The "Digital Bingo Machine" mainscreen image was projected on a large screen in the school's multi-purpose room. All of the bingo cards for more than 100 parents, students, and teachers were printed out using the Digital Bingo Machine's bingo card printing features. The "Digital Bingo Machine" operated perfectly, and the bingo game was a great success!

A private school in San Francisco recently used the "Digital Bingo Machine" for a casino night fund raising event. They printed the bingo cards with the card printing feature, and used a laptop and screen projector to run a very successful activity.

Another private school in Oregon ran a very successful bingo game at their casino night with the "Digital Bingo Machine"! They said it worked "perfectly"!

The operators and players of a charitable bingo game in California are pleased with the built in verifier of the "Digital Bingo Machine". It has been used in their weekly bingo game to verify bingo cards.

This product on a Cd is great for "Safety Bingo". With your computer and your computer printer, you can print your own cards, call the numbers, and verify the wins. All for the cost of $29.00 plus tax and shipping. It is shipped to you on a CD.  

 A great product for safety programs at your workplace!

With our software in automatic random mode, you need an IBMstyle pc, laptop or tablet computer and a CRT monitor or other display device such as a Plasma TV/Monitor. Your computer can rest on a simple table top, and you need not purchase expensive bingo furniture to operate a very professional style bingo game. You will not need bingo balls or a blower in automatic random mode. The software will randomly select bingo numbers from 1-75 automatically. Bingo players can view the called numbers on the built in flashboard.

In manual mode, you need an IBMstyle pc, laptop or tablet computer, CRT monitor or other display device, and a bingo ball blower or wire cage to randomly draw bingo numbers.   In manual mode, our software works well with any standard bingo ball rack and bingo ball blower.

Our main screen flashboard and verifier software connected to a CRT or other display device will provide the same visual effects you find in expensive bingo flashboard products. It costs only $29.00 plus tax and shipping. It is shipped to you on a Cd.

The "digital bingo machine" will print our bingo cards on your computer printer, and it can also be configured to verify other bingo card perms. We can provide you with a state of the art digital bingo machine on a Cd which will randomly pull bingo numbers, display number information on your wall display, and verify wins on every card played in your game.

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Splash Screen/Lower left button prints bingo cards!

4 or 6 cards per sheet are printed on your printer!


Main screen features flashboard, timer, last ball, and verifier!

"Digital Bingo Machine" Version 1


Verifier features keypad for card # entry and win card!




The "Digital Bingo Machine" For Bingo Halls

With your Laptop or Tablet computer attached to a large CRT or other large visual display, you can eliminate the need for old style traditional bingo flashboards.

The larger your visual display, the larger your digital flashboard image. Our digital flashboard software will delight your players!

The new plasma displays and other large TV/monitors provide a traditional bingo experience without the problems of old style bulb replacement and loose connection wires.   

21 inch used CRT's are now available for under $100. Several CRT's around your hall can replace your old style flashboards. The built in digital verifier will run on your visual displays, eliminating the need to operate verification monitors.

With the "Digital Bingo Machine" set on automatic mode, you can eliminate the need for a bingo ball blower.   The "Digital Bingo Machine" will randomly select bingo numbers each time the caller pushes the Call Next button. No more wires, switches to break, or motors to burn out. With picture in picture features on the new plasma TV/displays, it is possible to show Monday night football or Baseball games in a corner of the screen.

Digital random number selection cannot be tampered with by the caller. There are no cracked plastic balls hanging low in the ball blower to deal with, as you often experience with traditional bingo ball blowers.


The larger your visual display, the larger your digital flashboard image.

For home use, or smaller games, one laptop or tablet computer and one CRT can provide a proper bingo experience.

This product is great for school classrooms, clubs, and centers.

Buy this product license on a Cd for only $29 plus tax and shipping from an on-line retailer, local retailer, or bingo supplier near you, or for more information.




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Our Lucky Bingo "Quick Action" product generates random numbers and random cards on every play. No caller is necessary. Law enforcement officials are pleased with our accounting features. This product has been approved for use in three California jurisdictions.

A Fujitsu Tablet connected to a 17 inch CRT with an attached touch screen provides an automated bingo experience. Our software works in conjunction with paper cards.

Our #1 Lucky bingo "Quick Action" product features a number of games offering cash prizes up to $250.00 with buy ins from $ .10 to $1.25. We can customize your prize structure for local regulations!


Our "Lucky 7 Holdem" game features a last ball called prize as well as simultaneous 7 game play.


Our 17 inch CRT's with touch screens powered by Fujitsu Tablets!

Our Class II "Quick Action" bingo "Lucky Games" software license can be purchased. Click here to 

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Our Bingo Card Player software is played on Touch Screen Fujitsu Tablet Computers. Our product features card on, automatic wild number mark, automatic odd or even mark, Oops button for mistakes, easy button touch pad, and multi screen card arrays.  There is a WIN CARD launch and a ka-ching sound.

Our bingo card player program on the right can be played on a tablet or laptop at the same time the "Quick Action" bingo games are played!

"Quick Action" Games!

Players can buy in to play the "Quick Action" games while they are playing regular bingo, and on the same machine! The "Quick Action" games show many action features on the screen, and play in conjunction with paper bingo cards which are enclosed in a binder with each machine.

email for more information!

      At Last! Freedom from commercial bingo machine software!

Introducing our "Stand Alone" Bingo Card Verifier on a Cd


The "stand alone" bingo card verifier can be used on laptops, tablet computers, or any other IBMstyle pc. It can be combined with any traditional bingo ball blower.  

When attached to a large CRT, wall monitor, or other large visual display, this product will provide notice of the verified card to all of the players in the bingo hall.

                 Verifier screen shown on large Samsung Liquid Crystal Display!

It is inexpensive, and is shipped on a simple Cd.  It will work with any IBMpc style computer Windows 2000 and up.

This product license may be purchased on this site.


The verified bingo card can be displayed on any large CRT, wall monitor, or other large visual display.

This is a great product for bingo suppliers to sell to their game accounts that need a verifier which can verify any card configuration. We will custom configure bingo card perm numbers to your specifications.

In addition to the "Digital Bingo Machine" for bingo halls, clubs, and schools, we have a new product called the "Multimedia Talking Digital Bingo Machine". It sells for only $19.00, and has been created for home bingo play, and for bingo players who like toy like products for bingo. It calls the bingo numbers with a bingo caller's voice, prints 9000 bingo cards, and verifies the wins with it's built in verifier.



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